How to Remove Graffiti

Graffiti removers should have these items with them:


  1. Solvent in a spray can


  1. new or clean painters rag made of cotton


  1. strong trash bags


  1. cheaper brushes, rollers, and containers for paint


  1. various cans of paint to match colors used in the ara.


  1. a paint scraper


  1. goggles / safety glasses


  1. dust mask


  1. water in a spray bottle and kitchen cleaner


Solvents and cleaning products


There are a variety of solvents and cleaning products that are useful in removing graffiti. Knowing what each is capable of doing and the best ways to safely use them is important information to know, so learn it. Solvents in particular can be highly effective for cleaning away graffiti yet can be dangerous if not used properly. Solvents should be kept away from eyes and skin, dust masks or respirators are also worth wearing. If possible do not use in confined spaces.


Read up on the things used for cleaning to know what to do if there is an accident.


Wear safety glasses

As the cleaning agents and solvents contain often hazardous material it is best to wear safety glasses when using cleaners. Do not risk eye safety at all.


Cleaning up smooth surfaces


First test a small out of sight part of the surface with your cleaning product. The newer signs should be easier to wipe clean with soap and water. Only use solvents if soap and water does not remove it all.


Removal from rough surfaces


Often the graffiti on rough surfaces causes damage that cannot be removed. Cleaning such surfaces may cause more harm than good. In the end you may have to repaint the entire wall.


Use a wire brush


Sometimes a wire brush is ideal for removing graffiti, you just need to apply elbow grease. Every graffiti remover should have an inexpensive wire brush among their essential tools.


Graffiti removal tips


  1. If only graffiti was easy to remove as it is to spray on surfaces in the first place. When it comes down to rough brick surfaces graffiti removal can be virtually impossible unless you are fortunate enough to be removing brand new graffiti. Newer graffiti is far easier to remove than older paint. Your main choice when faced with older graffiti involves repainting the entire surface.


  1. For metallic surfaces including mailboxes, and roll up steel doors a liquid based solvent is your best option for effective graffiti removal. Liquid remover is known as Solvagram. You should only need to use a small bit of Solvagram and some steel wool.


  1. When it comes to cleaning up a brick surface the most effective option is to chose a biodegradable emulsifier to clean the bricks with. Only an emulsifier will clear graffiti from brick walls, especially red brick ones. It is better than using wire brushes and liquid solvents, causing minimal damage to the wall.


  1. For walls and fences in areas that regularly get graffitied it makes a lot of sense to have them all painted the same color. It is best if all the shops and businesses give prior permission to have everything repainted immediately.