The Best Pressure Washers for Graffiti Removal and More

  1. Powerplay PressureJet 2000 PSI (Electric – Cold Water) Pressure Washer


This pressure washer is ideal for removing graffiti and other paintings. It can reach water pressure of up to 2000 PSI which would remove graffiti or any other material. The pressure is a result of the washer’s capacity to allow water flow of up to one and a half gallons of water per minute. The washer has an adjustable soap volume which can be altered according to what is being cleaned. The spinning spray has a significant effect when cleaning rough surfaces with a 30-foot hose that can reach anywhere.


  1. Generac 2800 PSI (Gas – Cold Water) Pressure Washer


The Generac engine pressure washer is a powerful gas washer that can be owned by a household. It can shoot gas or cold water at 2800 PSI. The engine is very reliable and the Axial Pump very durable. The spray gun has a nozzle that allows one to work for extended periods of time. The washer has its half gallon detergent tank, so you do not have to haul soap with you. Its 2.4 gallons per minute of water flow is enough to remove graffiti from any wall.


  1. Cam Spray ADE Professional 1450 PSI (Electric-Warm Water) Pressure Washer


The Cam Spray washer can be carried by hand to whatever location the cleaning has to be done. It is portable and quite versatile and is one of the best electric pressure washers for graffiti removal and more. Many people also consider it the best home pressure washer. Its water flow can reach up to two gallons per minute with a pressure of about 1450 PSI. The 25-foot hose increases your working area. The amount of pressure can be adjusted according to the area being cleaned for varied tasks. Warm water is especially useful for driveways and walkways, and the Cam Spray Pressure Washer can handle water up to 180 ̊ F.


  1. Easy-Kleen Professional 4000 PSI (Gas – Hot Water) Pressure Washer


This Easy-Kleen pressure washer has to be one of the most powerful industrial washer models on the market. It can reach up to 4000 PSI and can allow water flow of up to 3.5 gallons per minute. The washer has a General Triplex Plunger Pump that has steel valves and brass manifolds that are very durable. It has a ceramic blanket that seals in heat and makes the washer a prime candidate for use in cold areas. The Easy Kleen washer has burners and a thermostat to adjust the temperature accordingly. It has a 50ft hose and wheels suitable for any terrain.


  1. Cam Spray Professional 1500 PSI Wall Mount (Electric – Warm Water) Pressure Washer


Though it is a mounted pressure washer it has a 50ft hose that makes up for lack of mobility. In addition to having a hose, it has a very powerful spray gun. It has an electric motor that can project warm water at 1500 PSI, enough to remove any dirt. The pressure washer has incredible water flow allowing up to 3 gallons per minute. It has a thermal relief feature and ceramic pistons that protect the pump from overheating so you can work for extended periods.


  1. Karcher 4000 PSI (Gas-Cold Water) Pressure Washer w/ Honda GX Engine


This Karcher gas pressure washer is one of the most powerful pressure washers around producing gas at an incredible 4000PSI. It is appropriate for cleaning services that get hired to graffiti removal and more. It has a German engineered Axial pump with a brass head that assures the owner of longevity. You can adjust the water pressure directly on the hose which saves the user the effort of having to walk back to the washer every time. With 50 feet of rubber hose, you can work in a wide area.


  1. Generac One-Wash 3100 PSI (Gas – Cold Water) Pressure Washer


This Generac pressure washer has a power dial that allows for extensive pressure adjustment of 2000 to 3100 PSI. It has a powerful 212cc engine that is easily accessible and reliable. It’s 11’ wheels can move on any terrain and allow for safe transportation of the washer. A household can own it and use it to clean the pavements, the driveway or the car. The machine comes with three spray tips and allows up to 2.8 gallons per minute water flow.


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